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June 2018
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Dear FRA Member,
The last month has been a busy one in Washington on policy issues important to FRA members. The AG Act is being voted on tomorrow, however, it is not expected to pass the House. We are hearing that a form of “AG guestworker” bill will be voted on in July, and this may or may not include provisions of the AG Act, or simply revise the H-2A program. FRA is in communication with the agriculture community as well as Chairman Goodlatte’s office, the sponsor of the AG Act, to determine next steps in this politically charged atmosphere around immigration.

In a move to secure passage of the House version of the Farm Bill, immigration policy has taken center stage. This strategy by House leadership is in part to garner support by the Freedom Caucus in an effort to pass the Farm Bill. The strategy appears to be working as Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) said that he would support the Farm Bill.

In the span of a month, both the House and Senate Agriculture Committees have each marked up and passed their version of a Farm Bill—the comprehensive measure covering everything from row crops and dairy programs to forestry to biomass energy. Congress undertakes the exercise of reauthorizing a Farm Bill every 5 years, and this year FRA is active on a number of fronts.

Both the House and Senate bills include FRA-supported provisions that promote the use of wood building products in buildings higher than 6 stories. This legislation will help to open up new markets for wood, so naturally both the steel and concrete lobbies are in opposition to our efforts. However, forestry champions in Congress have prevailed thus far in advancing provisions of the Timber Innovation Act as part of the Farm Bill effort.

We are also pleased to report that both bills include language that will help the U.S. Forest Service deliver on its mission of promoting forest health through active forest management. The Forest Service Interim Chief Victoria Christiansen recently testified before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources that forest harvests on federal lands in 2018 are on track to be the highest in 20 years. Interim Chief Christiansen went on to comment on the vast improvement in their ability to manage federal lands: “The new authorities provided by Congress in the 2018 Omnibus give us more tools…The combination of these new tools and the fire funding fix are already changing the way we get work done – it’s no longer business as usual.” FRA is working the legislative process to help ensure that progress in this area continues.

On June 14 the Senate Committee on Appropriations marked-up the FY2019 interior bill, which was unanimously reported out of Committee. The Interior bill, which funds the Forest Service, provided an increase in timber sale funding by $2 million. The report also included language that directs the Forest Service to report back to the Committee the resources needed to increase the timber target to 4 billion board feet.

As always, your FRA team continues to meet frequently with key decision makers in our sustained effort to promote policies that will help make the wood supply chain in the U.S. more competitive.

Deb Hawkinson
RISI International Woodfiber Resource & Trade Conference
September 17-19, 2018 | Durban, South Africa
Get a complete view of the international trade of woodchips and biomass with a program covering the entire supply chain from plantation forests to ocean transport and overseas end-users. Join professionals from 25+ countries to hear panel discussions and RISI economic forecasts. Also be part of an industry field trip exploring nurseries, plantations, and woodchip export operations in South Africa.
Top Twenty Softwood Lumber Producers in U.S. and Canada recently provided a list of Canada’s top ten softwood lumber producers (West Fraser and Canfor are the top two) and top ten U.S. softwood lumber producers (Weyerhaeuser and Georgia-Pacific are the top two in the U.S.). Learn more at the link to this news release:
FRA Webinar - Beaufort County (NC) Log Truck Driver School
On July 12, FRA will be host a webinar on the Beaufort County (NC) Log Truck Driver School. FRA is especially interested in sharing practices and programs taking place across the country to address trucking workforce concerns. One successful program that could be replicated is taking place in Beaufort County, North Carolina. The Beaufort County Community College program is a way in which the local forest products industry can meet its growing log trucking workforce needs. The webinar will begin at 2 PM (Eastern time) and will last approximately 45 minutes, including time for questions from webinar participants. Please mark your calendars and plan to participate.
Appalachian, Southcentral, Southeastern Regions – Rick Meyer
Do’s and Don’ts Following a Commercial Trucking Accident
At FRA’s April 16 Southcentral Region Policy Committee meeting, Trey Wimberly, attorney for Perrier & Lacoste, LLC, presented several action items for trucking companies and drivers who find themselves involved in a commercial trucking accident. Wimberly’s presentation PDF 18-P-4 can be found in the “Papers and Presentations” link (member login required) on the FRA website:
Tracking the Top Timberland Owners and Managers, 2018
Forisk Consulting tracks timberland transaction and ownership data. Its 2018 “top ten” acreage statistics show that Weyerhaeuser is the largest timberland owner in the U.S., and American Forest Management is the largest timberland managing organization. Learn more at this link to the Forisk blog site:
The Disconnect Between Log Prices and Lumber Prices in the US South
Southern yellow pine (SYP) lumber prices are at record highs. While this trend is benefitting southern sawmills, many timberland owners operating in the US South are asking the obvious question: Why are log prices in local markets not reflecting those of a surging lumber market?
American Chestnut Foundation Requests Help in Finding Flowering American Chestnuts
This year, the foundation is initiating a range-wide search for surviving American Chestnuts in America’s eastern forests from Maine to Alabama. You can help with this search; look for the distinctive flowering which usually occurs in June.
Lake States Region – Tim O'Hara
Pesky Forest Tent Caterpillars Again are Munching Leaves on Michigan Trees
Forest tent caterpillars are making a nuisance of themselves across Michigan, eating leaves from sugar maple, aspen and oak trees and leaving small strands of webbing as they go. The insects, which are native to Michigan, occur in widespread outbreaks every 10 to 15 years.
Little Alfie, Twenty Years Later: What’s It All About?
It’s a tale of politics and the rule of law. About stewardship and proper forest management. And it’s also about espionage, a guy in a bear suit, and a dog with a colorful name stealing someone’s meal. Even the name of the controversy had a folksy charm to it: Little Alfie. So called because the tract of timber at the center of the issue was near Lake Alf, and a forester at the Superior National Forest advertised the sale as “Little Alfie.”
Northeast Region – Eric Kingsley
Catalyst to Sell Rumford, ME and Biron, WI Paper Mills to ND Paper
Catalyst Paper, the Canadian company that last July said it planned to pump $56 million into a new tissue-making machine to tap what it called a growing market for the product, said last month it has agreed to sell its Rumford, Maine, and Biron, Wisconsin, mills to ND Paper LLC of Hong Kong for $175 million.
Emerald Ash Borer Discovered in Maine
Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was recently discovered in Madawaska. The discovery was made by a joint team comprised of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry and the USDA Forest Service on May 22, 2018.
Western Region – Vickie Swanton
Forest Mortality Exceeds Growth in America’s National Forests
The amount of standing dead timber in western national forests is a real concern for both residents and the federal and state agencies that are tasked with fire suppression efforts and mitigating fire damage.
New Washington State Law Sets Foundation for Taller Wood Buildings
Senate Bill 5450, signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee earlier this year, goes into effect June 7, enabling builders to use certain new timber products to construct bigger buildings than had been permitted previously.
WSRI Today: Changing Times
The Wood Supply Research Institute (WSRI) just held its 20th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.
Nationwide Study of Master Logger Certification Continues
WSRI recently commissioned the first comprehensive assessment of the value of Master Logger Certification (MLC) programs in the wood supply system.

18-R-9: Best Practices for Hiring New Employees & Subcontractors

18-R-10: “Map My Mill” Identifies Mill Locations

18-R-11: Hardwood Pulpwood Weight Loss Study

18-R-12: Production Up, Transportation Challenging: Georgia Logger Survey Results 2017

18-R-13: Summary of Changes in Eastern U.S. Logging Businesses 1980s-Present

18-R-14: Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid for Sawmills and Logging Equipment

18-R-15: Forest Management Practices of Private Timberland Owners and Managers in the U.S. Northwest

18-R-16: Aerial Drones: Applications in Forestland Management

18-R-17: North East State Foresters Association Release Online Forestry Training

18-R-18: Chip Van Wrap Spread the Message of Forestry

18-R-19: Maine Forest Managers are Protecting Water Quality and Following BMPs

18-R-20: The Logmeter®: New Technology for Log Procurement

18-R-21: MN Public Agency Stumpage Review Serves as a Valuable Source of Timber Market Information


18-S-6: Skidder Operator Cuts Leg When Topping Tree

18-S-7: Truck Rolls Downhill into Other Truck

18-S-8: Logger Hit by Deadwood Lives

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