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March 2018
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84th FRA Annual Meeting

It’s not too late to register for the 84th FRA Annual Meeting, taking place April 16-18 at the Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, LA. This year’s theme is “Forestry Trends in a Global Marketplace”, and we have secured a great line up of speakers.

CLICK HERE to register and see information about this year’s agenda and venue. CLICK HERE to reserve your hotel room at the Hotel Monteleone. Please note, the cut-off date for the hotel group rate is Friday, March 23.

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H-2C Update
Recently, updates were made to H.R.4760 - Securing America's Future Act of 2018, which includes the Agricultural Guestworker Act. Due to the itinerant nature of forest work and the lack of definition in the current legislation, including a carve-out in the special procedures for our industry is important. The updates in this legislation address multiple agricultural concerns and are an effort to improve the legislation and broaden support. Our industries’ needs were favorably taken into account...
New Member!
LandMark Spatial Solutions, LLC has joined as an Associate Member. LandMark uses GPS and Forest Inventory solutions to help clients minimize errors and be more accurate in their acreage, tree count, tree measurement, and timber volume estimations. They are based in Starkville, Mississippi.
WSRI Update
The Wood Supply Research Institute (WSRI) recently announced that Virginia Tech has completed a project for WSRI that considers the application of Lean Thinking principles to the wood supply value chain. Visit for an update on WSRI happenings and the following link for recent and past projects completed on behalf of WSRI:
Job Announcement: Special Project Coordinator for TEAM Safe Trucking
TEAM Safe Trucking is seeking a Special Project Coordinator to focus on the development and completion of a safety training curriculum that oversees improving the forestry transportation sector.  For additional information, please contact TEAM Safe Trucking President, Jeremiah O'Donovan, at (877) 298-1318 or by e-mail.

18-R-1: FISTA & Mid-States Equipment Team Up with Safe Hydraulics Training Session

18-R-2: Logged It: Business Management Software Designed by a Logger, For Loggers and Log Haulers

18-R-3: Top Ten Logging Safety Best Practices

18-R-4: FOCUS 2017 – Peterson Pacific

18-R-5: "Forestry Works" in Alabama

18-R-6: Chippewa Valley Technical College: CDL Training in Western Wisconsin

18-R-7: Flying Drones? – Know the Rules

18-R-8: Using Avenza Maps in Forest Management


18-S-1: Following Too Closely

18-S-2: Lodged Tree Breaks Loose and Injures Timber Cutter

18-S-3: Log Truck Driver Slips on Loose Wood

18-S-4: Truck Dump Incident Resulting in Fatality

18-S-5: Base Machine Pulled Over by Steep Slope Machine

Appalachian, Southcentral, Southeastern Regions – Rick Meyer
What About the Industry Forester?
It’s not uncommon to hear the following questions: “Where will our future loggers come from? Where will our future truck drivers come from? How will we replace our retiring mill workers?”
Do’s and Don’ts Following a Commercial Trucking Accident
Trey Wimberley, an attorney with the law firm of Perrier & Lacoste, LLC, will present valuable tips for trucking businesses that find themselves involved in litigation or other claims related to a truck wreck where it was not the fault of the driver. Wimberley’s presentation will take place during FRA’s Southcentral Region Policy Committee Meeting on April 16, the first morning of the FRA Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The Policy Committee Meeting and Wimberley’s presentation are open to all meeting attendees.
Kane Area Logging Safety Committee Commemorates 50 Years
Kane, Pennsylvania calls itself the “Black Cherry Timber Capital of the World.” The forestry and logging community in this high-quality hardwood region started a Logging Safety Committee fifty years ago with the purpose of improving safety awareness and reducing logging injuries. The committee holds an annual event every spring in the Kane/Johnsonburg area of northwest Pennsylvania and is believed to be the longest-running safety meeting of its kind in the nation. The late Ken Rolston, a former President of the American Pulpwood Association (now FRA), was one of the early leaders of this annual event. For information on this year’s 50th Anniversary event click the READ MORE.
SAU Tech adds Forest Harvesting Technician Associate Degree
With demand increasing for new foresters, forest workers, and logging crew members in Arkansas, Southern Arkansas University Tech now offers a four-semester program to provide students with the hands-on skills necessary to fill the need for harvesting and forestry technicians in the forest industry.
Concern Spreads Over the Invasive Spotted Lanternfly in Mid-Atlantic States
The Spotted Lanternfly, an insect native to Asia, has been found in several counties in eastern Pennsylvania and recently in isolated spots of the Virginia-Delaware-New Jersey corridor. USDA recently announced a $17.5 million emergency funding plan to stop the spread of the Spotted Lanternfly in Pennsylvania. The insect poses a threat to agricultural products, including timber. Quarantines are already in place in some counties.
Lake States Region – Steve Kariainen
It’s hard to think of any saying that fits the wood fiber supply chain any better than, “Move it or lose it!” For the wood supply chain to function properly, there must be a means of safely and efficiently moving wood fiber from the forest, through primary and secondary processing, and on to the ultimate end user.
Oak Wilt Season Approaching in Michigan
The spring is a time for plant growth and gardening. It also is the start of a different season –oak wilt. “The most dangerous time of year for oak wilt is April 15 to July 15,” Alcona Conservation District Forester Eric Brandon said. Oak wilt is a vegetational fungus that attacks oak trees and is 100 percent deadly, Brandon said. It is a spore pad and it smells like Juicy Fruit gum, he said. The smell attracts beetles that feed on tree sap.
MN DNR Timber Harvest Analysis
After more than a year of rigorous scientific analysis, discussions with key partners, including conservation organizations and forest industry, and public input, DNR has set a new 10-year sustainable timber harvest at 870,000 cords offered for sale annually from DNR-managed forest lands.
WI Logger Capital Investments
As most people familiar with the logging sector know, capital investment is an essential component. Capital is needed for equipment and, for most businesses, the purchase of stumpage (i.e., the rights to cut standing trees). In the most recent questionnaire, we altered how we asked questions about capital investment, thus comparisons to prior studies isn’t presented here (2003 and 2010 comparisons are here).
Northeast Region – Eric Kingsley
Technology is Coming to a Log Landing Near You
"Do you want to see video of my first drone crash?" I was asked as loggers and foresters filed out of the room, headed home. Last week’s FRA Forest Forum, a monthly dinner held near Bangor, Maine, brought speakers on mapping and drones, and we learned how these technologies can help with the in-woods operation. There were three great presentations, but that’s not what I found most interesting.
Maine Sawmill Planning 'Several Million Dollars' In Upgrades
With a rise in lumber prices, Aroostook County’s largest sawmill is gearing up for an expansion and investments in efficiencies.
Governor Cuomo Hopes to See Forest Initiative Funded (New York)
"Timber harvesting in New York currently generates an estimated $250 million per year in forest landowner revenue, and the forest product industry remains in the top ten manufacturing sectors statewide."
Proposed Overhaul of State Wetlands Rules Alarms Foresters (New Hampshire)
Foresters and area residents have concerns about the potential for increased regulation in a proposed overhaul of the state’s rules governing wetlands.
State of the Forest Products Industry – Optimistic (Northeast)
Writing for Farm Credit East, Eric Kingsley reviewed the current state of the forest industry across the Northeast, and found some real reasons for optimism. With lumber markets strong and new investment in remaining pulp and paper mills, the region is seeing a stabilization in markets. That doesn’t mean there won’t be changes – there will be. However, after years of negative changes (lost markets), we are starting to see positive changes as new manufacturing projects are announced. The Northeast’s robust and diverse forest industry supply chain is making these new projects possible.
The Northern Logger Magazine Launches a New Podcast
Western Region – Vickie Swanton
Member Spotlight – Interstate Wood Products
Interstate Wood Products was founded in 1966 by Don Lemmons with three trucks. The company has grown leaps and bounds in 52 years, and much of that is due to the strong family values that the company was founded on, and that remains strong today.
The 2017 Wildfire Season
Executive Summary of the 2017 Wildfire Season in the Pacific Northwest
Could Wildfire Season Come Earlier? What 2017's Fire Season Tells Us
The 2017 wildfire season in Washington and Oregon won’t be remembered for a record number of acres burned, there were plenty, but instead it’s more evidence for what we will face in the future. 2017’s fire season will be known for how long it lasted, nearly three weeks longer than the last record season in 2015, a season that lasted well into the fall.
Colville National Forest Poised to Set Records as Both Timber Harvest, Restoration Increase
COLVILLE – After decades of declining timber harvests and forest restoration projects, the Colville National Forest has turned a corner and is dramatically increasing both. According to recent forest management estimates, the forest is poised to be the No. 1 forest products producer in the Pacific Northwest, an area containing 17 National Forests in Oregon and Washington.
Members may now announce available positions at no charge on FRA’s online Job Board, (Basic posting is $350 for non-members). All job postings receive 60 days of exposure. Please email Ryan Rhodes, [email protected], to list your open position.
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Special Project Coordinator for Non-Profit - Glenelg, MD

SAF Seeks Chief Executive Officer - Bethesda, MD

General Manager, Wood Procurement, Northwest Operations

CEO, Society of American Foresters (SAF) - Bethesda, MD

Forest Management Supervisor - Forestry Department Solon Springs, WI

Executive Vice President North Carolina Forestry Association - Raleigh, NC

Executive Director Pennsylvania Forest Products Association - Harrisburg, PA

Apr 16

Southcentral Region Policy Committee Meeting (Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, LA)
Apr 16-18

2018 Annual Meeting (Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, LA)
May 15-17

Western Region Spring Meeting (Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia)
May 17

Appalachian Region Spring Policy Committee Meeting (Richmond, VA)
Oct 10-12

2018 Fall Board Meeting (Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa, Lexington, KY)
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