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December 2017
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Dear FRA Members,

As the year comes to a close, we would like to thank you for your support. It is our privilege to continually provide you with the latest improvements and best practices in supply chain operations, opportunities for building relations within the supply chain, and federal public policy representation.

We wish you the very best in 2018.

Thank You,
Deb Hawkinson, FRA President

FRA Communications Survey
Please let us know your views on how we can improve our communications to you through the Woods to Mill blog, weekly political Issue Updates, monthly FRA Bulletins, meeting information, and invitations to FRA hosted webinars.
NAFP in Portland “From Communication to Engagement”
Takeaways from the North American Forest Partnership meeting in Portland, Oregon.
Member Spotlight: Southern Forestry, Inc
When Tim Mahan, owner of Southern Forestry, Inc., was honored as FRA’s 2013 Southcentral Region Outstanding Logger, certain key phrases kept coming up over and over again by those who were familiar with Tim’s timber harvesting operation: “True professional... cares a lot about the harvesting job’s appearance... will do what is right.”
Member Spotlight: Biewer Lumber
Not many know this, but the Biewer family was not always in the lumber business. The family, originally from Germany, made a living as a brewmeister. Prohibition eventually shut down the Biewer beer business, leaving the family looking for other opportunities.
How Do You Submit an Idea for a Technical Release
A staple benefit of FRA membership has been the ability to search for technical releases that pertain to a certain topic or area of expertise. How many times have you been able to use something in a technical release that has improved your work?
Will Your Next Employee Come from the U.S. Military?
Many employers in the forest industry are looking for workers who can show up on time, follow procedures, and pass a drug screening test. At FRA’s Fall Board Meeting we heard from two speakers who made a case for finding these employees by seeking out veterans of the United States military.
RISI Events
RISI events are exclusive gatherings of decision-makers from throughout the forest products industry. These events present high-quality programs featuring experts in a variety of sectors and provide an opportunity to network with key industry players.
WSRI Research Highlights
In 2002, the Wood Supply Research Institute (WSRI), in collaboration with Virginia Tech (VPI), published its first study on the subject of planning and communication in the wood supply chain. In later years, WSRI revisited this important subject with additional studies.
Storm Clean Up | A Word from THATS
No one wants to experience a catastrophic natural disaster; hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes all can cause major damage and the cleanup is challenging. Chainsaws have been an important tool to aid in the clean-up in the aftermath of such devastation.
17th Annual Foresters Forum Registration is Open
2018 will mark the 17th annual Foresters Forum hosted by Northwest Management, Inc. and Riley & Associates LLC. The Forum is dedicated to providing professional foresters the opportunity to focus on their professions, learn new ideas, techniques and technologies and share information. We are pleased to provide highly qualified and top-notch speakers from all over the nation. The conference will be held February 7-9.
Appalachian, Southcentral, Southeastern Regions – Rick Meyer
TEAM Safe Trucking’s First Education Module Now Available - TEAM Safe Trucking’s safe driver education Module 1 was briefly reviewed on FRA’s November 16 webinar, “What is Going on With Log Trucking Insurance.”  Individuals may create an account and complete the Module online; those wishing to facilitate a group training effort may contact TEAM Safe Trucking Executive Director Jeremiah O’Donovan ([email protected]) or TEAM Safe Trucking Education Committee Chair Mike Macedo ([email protected]) for instructions.

Protecting the Truck Driver’s Safety and Insurability
There has been plenty of talk in our industry about the need to improve the safety performance and insurability of the drivers and the companies who haul forest products from the woods and woodyards.
Hardwood Log Exports to China
Forest2Market - Several FRA Appalachian Region members have noticed the continued, ever-growing demand from China for hardwood logs procured from the Appalachian region of the U.S. A recent Forest2Market newsletter reported that U.S. exports of hardwood logs to China during 2017 was likely to show an approximately 50% increase over the 2016 figure (measured in tons), with much of the volume coming from the states of West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.
Log Truck Liability Insurance in Georgia - At the request of the Georgia Forestry Association, University of Georgia Professor Joe Conrad conducted a study of log truck liability insurance in Georgia and compared it with Alabama and North Carolina data. The study discusses the causes of recent rate increases and identifies possible solutions, with applicability across many states. An easy-to-read PDF slide version of Dr. Conrad’s report to the Georgia House of Representatives Rural Development Council includes interesting logging and trucking business statistics as well as the insurance discussion.
Lake States Region – Steve Kariainen
Senators Baldwin, Johnson and Klobuchar Propose Bipartisan Reform to Enhance American Timber Economy - “The Good Neighbor Authority Improvement Act represents a mid-western, common sense improvement to the Good Neighbor Authority, which will benefit our National Forests and surrounding rural communities,” said Steve Kariainen, Forest Resources Association Lake States Coordinator.
Another Productive Year for WI Urban Forestry! - This has been a year of change, with new structures and leadership within the agency. Nonetheless, the staff dedication and leadership support for our program, and the work we do, remain strong.
Illegal Dumping Becoming a Problem on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest - In recent years, the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest has seen an increase in illegal dumping on public lands. Dumping destroys the beauty and habitat of national forest lands and discourages people from visiting areas where dumping is occurring.
Lake States Forest Management Bat Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) TAC meeting, December 15, 2017
There is a high degree of uncertainty surrounding the potential federal listing of cave-dwelling bats; therefore, the Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin DNRs decided a proactive and strategic approach was appropriate to minimize potential impacts to sustainable forest management.
Northeast Region – Eric Kingsley
Finch Paper: Loggers Needed to Support Industry - The North Country has an abundant supply of timber to support the region’s forest products industry. The key is developing a trained, well-equipped workforce of loggers that employers such as Finch Paper, LLC, depend on for their livelihood, a company official said.
Biomass Plants in the Northeast Scramble to Change Business Model - In the Northeast, biomass electricity plants are staring at some tough economics. For many standalone wood-fired electricity plants, the cost of fuel (wood chips) and operations exceed what they get paid for the electricity they generate. With natural gas (and thus wholesale electricity) prices expected to remain low—and state-level support for biomass fading—biomass plants are working hard to figure out how to continue operating.
Legal Dispute Snags Revitalization of Old Town [Maine] Mill - A prospective buyer, who hoped to sell wood-based energy to UMaine, sues over breach of contract and wants the sale to a third party blocked.
Western Region – Vickie Swanton
Sierra National Forest Hardest Hit by Tree Mortality, Now at 129 Million Statewide - Today, Dec. 11, The U.S.D.A. Forest Service announced that an additional 27 million trees, mostly conifers, died throughout California since Nov. 2016, bringing the total number of trees that have died due to drought and bark beetle infestation to a historic 129 million on 8.9 million acres.
Misguided Environmentalism Root Cause of California Wildfires - California is in the midst of battling some of the worst wildfires in its history. These fires have resulted in the wholesale decimation of forests, extensive destruction of property, and massive disruption of people’s lives.
Tribe Wary of Monument in Montana as Others Reduced by Trump - Even as it clashes with American Indians over reductions to national monuments in the Southwest, the Trump administration is pursuing creation of a new monument on the border of a Montana reservation where tribal officials remain wary of the idea.

17-R-21: Minnesota Truck Weight Education Program

17-R-22: Power Line Safety Video Technical Release

17-R-23: Pre-Compliance Review Info Sheet for Trucking Operations

17-R-24: Biomass Enterprise Economic Model

17-R-25: Driver Qualification Records

17-R-26: onX Hunt App has Multiple Field Forestry Uses

17-R-27: Outreach to Family Forestland Owners via an APP

17-R-28: Early Intervention for Spruce Budworm

17-R-29: SilvaStat360: Forest2Market’s New Interactive Business Intelligence Platform


17-S-8: Log Truck Runs Into Back of Another Log Truck

17-S-9: Logger Struck and Killed by Log Truck

17-S-10: Logging Equipment No Match for Locomotive

17-S-11: Skidder on Highway After Dark Causes Vehicle Wreck


What is Going On with Log Trucking Insurance? Member Login Required

APEX Workforce Development

Forest2Market – Global Trends Driving Forest Industry In the Lake States

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