Issue Update

Guestworker Reform

The FRA-supported AG and Legal Workforce Protection Act (H.R. 6417)—legislation that creates a new employer friendly H-2C guestworker visa program that includes forestry workers—now boasts 105 co-sponsors. We are making major progress! Thanks to all of you who have reached out to your Member of Congress to ask for cosponsorships. The goal of our collective efforts is to demonstrate to House leadership that this bill has sufficient support to pass the House if it is scheduled for a vote. In our meetings with various offices on Capitol Hill, some House members have expressed reluctance to cosponsor the bill but have indicated they will vote for the proposal. In these instances, we have urged these Members to communicate their commitment to vote “yes” to the leadership’s whip team. Please feel free to offer the same encouragement if your elected representative supports the bill but is hesitant to actually cosponsor H.R. 6417. 

Thanks again for all your efforts. Momentum is building in support of this common-sense bill. We hope to be able to persuade House leaders to call a vote on the legislation before the House breaks to resume campaigning for the November election.

Send a letter to your house member.

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