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Timber Harvesting Safety
Rick Meyer | FRA Appalachian & Southwide Regions Manager

Rick Meyer | FRA Appalachian & Southwide Regions Manager

Rick serves as the region manager for the Appalachian & Southwide Regions
FRA’s March 7-9 Southcentral Region Meeting, held near Mobile, Alabama, included a General Session with excellent speakers covering many aspects of trucking efficiency and trucking safety/insurance.
It is always a hit with FRA regional members when two regions come together for a joint meeting. Last October’s Joint Southeastern and Southcentral Region Policy Committee Meeting, combined with a Southwide Forest Products Security Group Meeting, was no exception.
By December 18, 2017, most commercial vehicle operators who are required to keep Hours-of-Service (HOS) Records of Duty Status (RODS) will also be required to use Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). FRA Staff are aware that there seems to be some uncertainty...

FRA Appalachian Region Meeting in Morgantown, WV

FRA’s Regional Meetings provide great opportunities for our members to discuss regional issues and share ideas that make the business of growing, harvesting, transporting, and handling wood fiber more cost-effective...
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