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Timber Harvesting Safety



Procurement Forester - Southeast U.S.

Be a proactive safety leader, creating a “Safety First” culture. Assist the Fiber Procurement Manager with daily plant and supplier interaction / needs.

18-S-7: Truck Rolls Downhill into Other Truck

On a cold winter morning in the southern U.S., two loaded log trucks were parked on a woods road while the drivers secured their loads.

18-S-6: Skidder Operator Cuts Leg When Topping Tree

On a clear, warm fall day in the southeastern U.S., a logging crew was select cutting grade logs. Most trees were felled with a three-wheeled feller-buncher, but the over-sized trees and timber in the SMZ’s were manually felled.
In Spring 2017, Forisk surveyed the silvicultural practices of industrial and institutional timberland owners and managers in the U.S. West.
Hydraulic system fires in sawmills and logging equipment can be extremely dangerous and very costly.
Logging businesses have changed considerably over the past 30 years. Changes in logging businesses have been documented by more than 30 state logger surveys conducted by universities and trade associations.
During the first half of 2017, over 100 Georgia logging business owners and managers responded to a survey conducted by the University of Georgia. A similar survey has been conducted every five years since 1987.

18-R-11: Hardwood Pulpwood Weight Loss Study

Many factors influence weight loss from chipping pulpwood. Weight losses are a considerable component in the overall cost of chips derived from pulpwood.

18-R-10: “Map My Mill” Identifies Mill Locations

How many mills are near your tract of timber? Say within 50 to 100 miles? These questions have been asked countless times by foresters in land management, procurement, and timberland investment organizations.
The Wood Supply Research Institute (WSRI) recently commissioned the first comprehensive assessment of the value of Master Logger Certification (MLC) programs in the wood supply system. The characteristics that define an MLC program include:
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